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The spring

Nature's gift
to man

Gushes at an altitude of 1100m. from the natural Goura Spring, at the Agrafa mountain range.

Spring and Region

THEONI Natural Mineral Water gushes from the natural spring of Goura, at an altitude of 1100m, at the Agrafa mountain range in the prefecture of Karditsa In this pristine environment, far away from any kind of human activity, the water is bottled directly from the spring, without any impurities, additives or processing. In this way, it preserves its natural characteristics, making it the leading Greek Natural Mineral Water today with more than 100 International Awards for Quality and Taste.

Pristine & excellent water

The Goura spring is located in a pristine environment that is protected, so as to avoid any kind of outside interference. Thus, the water gushing from the source is pure and away from any pollution zone!

The factors that make Theoni Natural Mineral Water unique are the following: 

Michael Mascha at the Goura spring

The international Water Sommelier and founder of FineWaters Academy, Michael Mascha, visited the Goura Spring, as well as the THEONI facilities and revealed the "secrets" of the most awarded Greek Water!

The President and CEO of THEONI welcomed him and toured him through the unique world of Theoni!

In the video, you can watch the great feelings that his visit caused him, and his analysis on the benefits that THEONI Natural Mineral Water with pH8 has for the body.