Recognition in France

Recognition in France

THEONI, the most awarded Greek Water in the World, has an equally successful international presence. It is growing rapidly in markets outside Greece and, due to its special composition, it has been recognized in France and Germany as suitable for use when preparing baby food.

Under current European legislation, member states have the right to adopt national legislation on whether a Natural Mineral Water is suitable for use in preparing baby food. France, and other European countries, have adopted special provisions on this.

In France, it is permissible to import and market natural mineral waters which state that they are suitable for baby food provided that they meet the very strict quality criteria laid down in French law. As part of the process to begin exporting to France, THEONI successfully passed all the necessary procedures, tests, and analysis in French accredited analysis laboratories and specialized institutes. This means that THEONI can be marketed in France with labeling that shows that it is suitable for use in the preparation of baby food.

It is worth noting that the sampling and inspections by the French accredited laboratories and institutes were held during on-site visits to the Goura Spring and to the company’s laboratory.