About us

The top Greek Natural Mineral Water

Our Progress

THEONI SA entered the bottled water market dynamically in 2013 with THEONI Natural Mineral Water which is bottled in a state-of-the-art bottling unit in the village of Vatsounia, in Mouzaki in the prefecture of Karditsa.

Our Vision

Water is precious. It determines our present and our future. Water is our Source of Life. From the first day of our operation, we head towards a shared vision: to be a reference point for our reliability and the innovative products we offer to the consumer who chooses us and the network of partners that trust us.


The company’s bottling facilities are located at an altitude of approximately 500m in Vatsounia Mouzaki, in the prefecture of Karditsa. They are in the foothills of the Agrafa mountain range and employ more than 90 workers who come mainly from the local community.


THEONI SA has received recognised international and national certifications for its very high standards of quality, safety and hygiene, and its respect for Humankind and the Environment.

Prestigious Partnerships

We are proud that Fresh patisserie, the best premium pastry shop in Greece, chose THEONI for the basis of their refreshing sorbets. Fresh created seven different flavors of sorbet made from 100% natural fruit and with THEONI, the only Greek water with more than 60 International Quality & Taste Awards, as the basic ingredient!

International Presence

From Goura Spring, to all over the world! Having adopted a clear export-orientated outlook from the beginning, THEONI Natural Mineral Water has a strong network outside Greece with a presence in European countries.


Having a strong sense of Social Responsibility and aiming for a “green” footprint in all aspects of modern life, Natural Mineral Water is connected to the Environment, Education, and Society through multiple actions with a social impact.