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Official Hydration Partner of the play “Maria Callas: Letters & Memories” starring Monica Bellucci

“Music is something so big that you don’t even have to talk about it.” After all, Art has a way of moving your emotions without many words… THEONI Natural Mineral Water, was the official hydration partner of the play “Maria Callas: Letters & Memories, starring Monica Bellucci. The most awarded Greek Water in the world, hobnobbing with the famous Italian actress in her official appearances, from the press conference and the private dinner after the premiere, to the impressive formal dinner that took place at the Acropolis Museum, immediately after the performances. The distinguished guests from the field of Art and Politics had the opportunity to enjoy THEONI, the gastronomic water of Greece that is distinguished for its pH with a value of 8 and upgrades the experience of water consumption, thanks to its quality features and the 41 International Awards Quality and Taste.

Maria Callas: The voice of the past and the present

The magnificent space of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus hosted the performance “Maria Callas: Letters & Memories”, which is based on the book of the same name by the director of the play Tom Volf and reveals in a unique way the life of the legendary Greek Soprano. Through the reading of private letters of the great diva, the sensual interpretation of Monica Bellucci, in French, in combination with the Camerata – Orchestra of Friends of Music, under the direction of the leading Greek maestro, George Petrou provided three wonderful nights to the Athenian audience.

Journey at 1,100m. in Goura Spring with Sakis Rouvas

“We are Planet Earth!” It is magical the relationship with Nature and the awe that overwhelms you, admiring its majesty… Guided by respect and love for the environment, THEONI Natural Mineral Water, the most awarded Greek Water in the world, joins forces with the Greek artist Sakis Rouvas and together, present a unique journey to Goura Spring, a true… “Source of Life”!

Known for his love for the environment, the talented Greek artist “embraces” the history, existence and journey of THEONI and becomes a travel partern on a journey to the “top”. Sakis Rouvas invites us to follow him on the paths of the rare nature of Agrafa, reaching the 1,100m. at Goura Spring, where THEONI gushes from as a genuine gift of nature and is also bottled immediately, without any admixture or process, maintaining unchanged the quality characteristics that have made it the leading Greek Water today.

Watch Sakis Rouvas discover the secrets of Goura Spring, in an interview with President and CEO of THEONI SA, Dimitris Tselios, narrate the story of fairy Theoni, from whom the most awarded Greek Water in the world took its name.. “According to the legend, a smiling fairy used to protect this Source. When she heard the melody of the flute, Theoni, daughter of Pinios, danced and sang. “People also used to believe that she took the sorrows of the hikers, and returned her gifts to them”, says Sakis Rouvas. Today the gifts of the fairy Theoni reach all of us… directly from the source. This special journey creates images from the impressive portfolio of THEONI, presenting the production lines for pet, glass and new, paper packaging. THEONI, the diamond of Goura Spring that is distinguished for its pH with the number of 8 and the 34th International Quality Awards, becomes the 1st and only natural mineral water in Greece in paper, 100% recyclable packaging, changing the experience of water consumption. A revolutionary move of the company for a GREEN STATUS. “Because when you respect nature, it always returns its gifts to you.

THEONI Natural Mineral Water … every sip, a new wellness experience. A gift of nature for me and my family “. – Sakis Rouvas, Proud Supporter of THEONI

The practical support of society, a fundamental value of THEONI!

Natural Mineral Water THEONI and Sakis Rouvas support Mantoudi, Evia

As a small act of support for our fellow citizens who are facing difficulties everyday, Dimitris Tselios, President and Managing Director of THEONI, together with the popular artist Sakis Rouvas, arrived at the port of Mantoudi, Evia, carrying 20 bottles, as well as 5 tons of clover and clover balls so that the farmers of the area can take care of their animals that also suffered from the fire that hit their place. Dimitris Tselios and Sakis Rouvas had the opportunity to talk to the residents of the area while they took care of the delivery of the above goods to the residents.

“In the effort to recover from the disaster, we are by your side. We continue together for a brighter tomorrow “, said Dimitris Tselios, President and Managing Director of THEONIS. It is important that the “next day” finds us united. THEONIS’s family stands by your side “.

Together we become the most promising “Source of Life”. THEONI The Natural Mineral Water continues at an unabated pace the actions of support to our fellow human beings who were affected by the catastrophic fire, this time in Evia. In collaboration with the artist and proud supporter of THEONIS, Sakis Rouvas, the most Award-winning Greek Water was found on Saturday, August 14 in Mantoudi, Evia, in order to meet a significant part of the needs of residents for bottled water.

The financial support of the local community of Vatsounia with donations are higher than € 70,000.

Our place, our “Source of Life”. The local community of Vatsounia is for THEONI SA not only the place that hosts its business activity but something much more important. A family in which THEONI takes care to stand by its side, contributing to the coverage of its needs. From the beginning of the year, at the idea of the Administrative Staff of THEONI SA, the company’s donations to the local community of Vatsounia exceeded the amount of € 70,000 with the aim of the efficient operation of the community and the implementation of important development strategies. In the context of this special relationship with the local community, we happily accepted the thank you letter from the President of Vatsounia, Mrs. Maria Michailidou, for the endless and very important financial support of THEONI SA. The relationship with our local community is based on strong bonds and is reflected in our continued contribution to everyone we can support. In this way, the family of THEONI SA wishes to return the support that has received from the community of Vatsounia throughout its years of activity, from 2013 until today, when THEONI Natural Mineral Water, is now the leading Greek water with more international Quality and Taste awards. In every need of society and our fellow human beings, THEONI Natural Mineral Water is here to support us. This is our #SourceofLife.

THEONI undertakes the reforestation of a part of the community of Afidnes that was affected by the fire.

Nature is our Mother, Forests are our home, the Environment is our Source of Life. Watching with sadness the consequences of the catastrophic fire that has been hitting Attica in recent days, THEONI Natural Mineral Water undertakes the reforestation of part of the community of Afidnes, as a minimal sample of support in the area being tested. In the aftermath of the disaster that struck our place and after contacting the President of the Community of Afidnes, Mr. Andreas Theodorakopoulos, THEONI has already started with the procedures for the coordination of actions required to restore the virgin environment affected by the fire .

The idea behind of THEONI SA, the Greek water bottling company that from the first day of operation, is guided by a “tomorrow perspective” with a “green” identity and goal-orientedness to human-being. “The reforestation operation of part of the community of Afidnes is the minimal movement of solidarity that we can offer at the given time to our fellow citizens who have been tested and are still being tested by the extremely difficult events of recent days,” said Dimitris Tselios, President & CEO of THEONI SA THEONIS family expresses its sincere support in the difficult times that our place is experiencing. One of the most important green spots of Attica was destroyed and it is our responsibility to provide to its restoration, to the restoration of oxygen in our daily life, to the restoration of the environment that will be the “home” of our own and the next generation.

4 NEW International Awards from JAPAN AQUA AWARDS

From Goura Spring to the largest global market! The unique quality characteristics of THEONI have once again crossed the Greek borders and has highlighted it as the gastronomic water of Greece. During  the demanding JAPAN AQUA AWARDS 2021, THEONI managed to become the 1st Greek Natural Mineral Water that receives four extremely important distinctions, for a wide range of products from its impressive portfolio. THEONI won the highest distinction, the Platinum Award, with a triple award for the pet packaging and the glass bottle in Still and Sparkling whereas the innovative 100% recyclable paper packaging was awarded with GOLD Award.

The 4 new international awards for THEONI, the diamond of Goura Spring, strengthen its position as the leading Greek Natural Mineral Water today, which completes the 38th International Quality and Taste Awards. JAPAN AQUA AWARDS were organized for the 2nd consecutive year by the Japan Aqua Sommelier Association (J.A.S.A.) with the aim to promote the elite of imported products in the Water category. The distinctions include 3 levels: “Platinum Award” (Best Award), “Gold Award” and “Silver Award” and their goal is to create a sense of security in consumers through rigorous evaluation.

Having successfully met the extremely difficult conditions of the competition, THEONI is now included into elite’s limited products imported to Japan. Also, THEONI received very positive reviews from the renowned members of the jury (food-taste journalists and experts in the field of nutrition as well as buyers of the largest companies’ country). The quadruple distinction in JAPAN AQUA AWARDS marks the international beginning for the brand into the world stage of the Food & Beverage sector. This distinction is extremely important because it works as a link in the export chain of THEONI SA, which is a foundation for broadening the horizon in terms of reaching new global markets.



The Japan Aqua Sommelier Association (J.A.S.A.) was founded in 2008. Its original name was Aquaminerale Association, and it consisted of natural mineral water bottle companies, importers and chemical analysis companies. In December of the same year, it was recognized as an official Association and in 2018 it was renamed the Nippon Aqua Sommelier Association. The Japan Aqua Sommelier Association deals with the connection between the environment, human existence, culture, and water in order to highlight the importance of water quality for a good life and health.

THEONI Natural Mineral Water: Announces its 2nd year of collaboration with Lefteris Lazarou & launches “Gastronomy Nights with THEONI”

Summertime with the most awarded Greek Water in the world! On Wednesday, June 30th, THEONI Natural Mineral Water chose to inaugurate the “delicious” concept of: “Gastronomy Nights with THEONI” having as its first “stop” Varoulko, Michelin- starred restaurant. Lefteris Lazarou ,Brand Ambassador for THEONI Natural Mineral Water and renowned Greek chef, welcomed guests in an evening full of gastronomic emotions accompanied by the elegant glass bottles of THEONI Still & Sparkling.

“Tonight, is a big night for the water of my heart. In order to connect with a product, it must first win me over and THEONI has successfully done that from the very first sip. I feel honored to represent the most awarded Greek water in the world, a water that is distinguished for its pH with a value of 8, with multiple benefits for the body. Thanks to its unique quality characteristics and balanced taste, THEONI has earned its place among the most popular dining spots, becoming the gastronomic water of Greece.”, said Lefteris Lazarou.


The greatest «highlight» of the night was the glass bottle of THEONI. The most premium version of this precious good that naturally gushes at 1,100m from the water source of Goura in the Agrafa Mountains is also extremely famous for its quality characteristics such as low hardness and low sodium content, low concentrations of nitrite / nitrate, calcium, and its excellent composition of inorganic minerals. All the above add a unique flavor in the final taste. Refreshing cocktail with the Awarded THEONI Sparkling as a base. Representatives from the reportage of taste, business, and lifestylem, arrived at the premiere of the “Gastronomy Nights with THEONI” honoring with their presence the most awarded Greek Water in the world. The seafood flavors met the magic of the 34 International Quality Awards for THEONI Natural Mineral Water.

The world of THEONI is fascinating, full of hydration and wellness!

Instagram: @theoninaturalmineralwater II Facebook: Natural Mineral Water THEONI

Gastronomy – Art – Hydration in a magical night under the stars!

The most awarded Greek water in the world offered a unique summer cinema experience to Theoni Lovers with the avant premiere of the film “The Taste of Hunger” at Stellar Gastro Cinema.

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