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All of nature
inside a package!

The first Natural Mineral Water in innovative paper packaging!

THEONI's innovative paper packaging is 100% recyclable, highlighting the company's commitment to a sustainable future. It is a movement of love and respect for the environment and at the same time, it changes the game in the water consumption experience.

Discover all the details about Theoni Paper Packaging:

It has earned the International FSC Certification, meaning it consists of cardboard that comes from Responsible Forestry, i.e forests which increase instead of decrease.

FSC paper certification

Does not contain BPA (BPA free). BPA is a chemical organic compound (Bisphenol A), used as an additive in the production of plastics.

BPA Free -
Protective plastic film

It is carbon neutral with a low carbon footprint, which essentially contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the environment.

64% less
carbon footprint

The paper packaging is 100% recyclable. It can be disposed of in the blue recycling bins. During the recycling process, their paper fibers are separated and after pulping they are turned into new paper material.

100% recyclable

from plant-based

Its green cap, a trademark of Theoni, is made of plant-based plastic, which makes it recyclable.

92% renewable

92% participation of renewable energy sources.

100% Theoni water

Inside the carton box you will find the most awarded Greek water in the world!

5% aluminum

During the recycling process, the thin aluminum coatings inside the product are separated to be turned into building materials.

FSC Certification

The FSC certification ensures that certified products with the FSC label come from responsible forestry, controlled sources, recycled materials or a combination of all of the above.

Carbon neutrality: Method of achievement in the production of Carton Box

1. Measure

In order for any organization to reduce it GHG emissions, it must first quantify them.

2. Reduce

Identify and act on the potential for reducing GHG emissions.

3. Offset

Support projects with verifiable emission reductions outside of own operations, by purchasing carbon offsets to counter the remaining emissions.

The circle of life for the THEONI carton box: 

Together we build a green future!

We choose to move towards a sustainable tomorrow and we all become part of this effort. For this and in Theoni, one of the main purposes of our company is to protect nature, which generously offers us its most precious asset, and to create a future with a GREEN footprint, a future that will be a Source of Life.

We continue to develop sustainably, "investing" in the environment and in the THEONI carton box!

 Be wise, drink #Naturewise!