PH 8

Nature’s own gift to the human body

THEONI Natural Mineral Water stands out for its pH value of 8, which makes it an alkaline water with multiple benefits for the body. It has relatively low hardness and low sodium content, as well as low nitrite/nitrate concentrations. It also contains calcium and has an excellent composition of inorganic mineral salts, which give it a unique taste.


It is distinguished by its pH value of 8


Relatively Low Hardness


Low Sodium Content


Extremely low concentrations
in Nitrates, Nitrites & Chlorine | Cl


The human body needs balance to function properly and to stay healthy. For that, the pH of the body should be slightly alkaline. Modern lifestyles, unhealthy foods, stress and city pollution tend to make our pH more acidic. Drinking alkaline water counteracts the acidic pH and brings our body into balance.

As an alkaline water, Theoni Natural Mineral Water:

The most awarded Greek water in the world is in perfect harmony with you.