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The source

In this virgin, far from any human activity environment, bottled directly, straight at the source, without any admixture, input or process. That is how it preserves the natural characteristics that place it as the leading natural mineral water today.

A water with natural gifts

The particular geological formations of the area and the natural filtering, which takes more or less 2000 years, help to create a water of unique composition, with rare quality and flavor characteristics.


The Theonis water bottler is located at 400m altitude and works in full harmony with the natural environment. Having always as a priority to ensure superior quality of its products. Theoni water bottling facility operates on the highest international and European standards, implementing the Quality Management System

Global recognition

Natural mineral water THEONI in less than 2 years has won first place with the highest grading scale, 3 gold stars from the International Institute of Flavor and Quality 'iTQi' in Brussels for 2 consecutive years 2014-2015, International Organization 'Monde Selection 2015, as well as from the European competition 'DLG' with the gold prize.
A source, a water ...13International Awards

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