ΑΗΒ Group S.A was founded in 1996, entering dynamically in the bottled water market in 2013, with the construction of the most modern Greek bottling facility of the natural mineral water “Theoni” in Vatsounia, in the prefecture of Karditsa.




Following the vision of the company’s founder Vassilis Tselios and his partners for an innovative international high standards facility, the bottling of the water takes place in a sophisticated unit that employs 40 people in its staff and is in full harmony with the natural environment.


The facility was inaugurated in 2013, with a self-financed investment of 5 million euro. New investments are underway to expand the production capacity of the company to meet the ever growing demand.

Η είσοδος του εργοστασίου



Today, the water “Theoni” is present in large chain supermarket shelves of the domestic market, while entering dynamically in the field of catering.


In the international market, the company’s exports make a continuous uptrend, as the natural mineral water "Theoni" is already enjoyed by consumers in America, Europe and Asia.






Natural mineral water Theoni follows a stable development plan for the next five years, the company is oriented to new investments looking on the one hand to further penetrate international markets and also to strengthen its presence in the domestic market by promoting new proposals for packaging and new products. In particular, the company plans to soon add 1L glass packaging in order to strengthen its presence in the field of catering, and there are plans that include introducing the water Theoni to the carbonated water market.

ΘΕΟΝΗ 1000ml